Butter Chicken (Murgh Makhini)

We’re having company on Saturday night – Gina and her fiance, Nick. :-D With Gina’s FODMAP diet, I wanted to know what foods I should avoid for her, and any dislikes of Nick’s. Gina wrote back saying no onion, garlic, apples, or honey for her and no salmon and goat cheese for Nick. Easy enough!

I pondered over something healthy, that didn’t need my attention so that I wasn’t glued to the kitchen. I’ll share what menu item I decided another time, but it could involve rice. Doesn’t have to, but could…maybe even should.

So I asked Mr. Prevention over dinner last night, “Should I make rice with suchandsuch dish on Saturday night?” His response was priceless.

“Probably not, you pretty much suck at making rice,” he said.

And while that is 100% factual (and pathetic), there was no shortage of yum-factor in this meal (despite the bad rice). Making Indian food at home can be intimidating, but this, I assure you, is very, very doable. If you’re not one to handle the heat of Indian cuisine, this is an entree for you.

Mr. Prevention loved this dish (me too). He ate SO much as leftovers at lunch on Sunday that he wasn’t hungry for dinner. At which point I was slightly annoyed because I had made some stunning shrimp tacos that were on the weekly menu.

“You can’t get mad at me for eating your delicious Indian leftovers, Nicole.”

Well, shucks. When you say it like that…I guess I can’t.

Yesterday was suuuuch a busy day. I now have most of the materials I need to start lesson planning and I am officially feeling very overwhelmed about classes starting on the 21st. As in, 3 weeks to organize and lesson plan for 3 classes…go! At least Tuesday is my last day at one of my clinics and I will officially be a 24 hour/week employee (at the clinics) + 13 hours of in-class teaching + the business. On a side note, I have received emails about my business and private practice and I’ve decided to do a whole post on my business and starting a business. It’s coming soon!

I did pound out a miserable 3.1 miles yesterday morning – go me! Morning workouts are not getting easier, but afterwards, I feel SO accomplished. I ran around from meeting-to-meeting yesterday, and I think I drove close to 250 miles. Ouch! Busy day. I told Mr. Prevention I just couldn’t manage dinner-making (didn’t get home til after 7), so we went out for chicken gyros and a beer…just what I needed :-D

I better run…I’m getting to work early so I can leave early for my over-due hair appointment ;) Girls needs a little TLC every now and then!

Question: What’s one thing you just can’t master in the kitchen?

Rice is my Achilles heel!

Almost the weekend!


  1. Buy a rice cooker!!! You just put in the right amount of rice and water, turn it on and ignore it. It’s fantastic! It’s fool-proof :-)

  2. Rice is something I struggle with as well. I ALWAYS end up with half done/half crunchy or something similar.

    And I also have issues with potatoes. Don’t even get me started!

  3. I LOVE IT! That’s hilarious. Rice is difficult, what can I say? I mean, I use minute rice, so I totally cheat. This meal sounds absolutely amazing. I’m in LOVE with Indian food. Of course I rarely eat it because of the garlic and onion factor, such a bummer.

    Let me know what to bring, food, drink anything! OR both!

    Also, how do you get pictures to show up when you post your blog on Stumbleupon? My blog shows up as the picture, not an actual picture, and it looks strange.

  4. Eggplant parmesan! I’ve tried to make it at least 5 times and it’s always an epic fail, no matter what I do. I agree with the rice cooker idea – I love mine :)

  5. Hooray for no onions Gina! :D I was great at making rice. . . on a gas stove. Sadly I’ve had an electric stove for 11 years which I absolutely hate. I either undercooked or overcooked rice.

    So now I have a $7 rice maker from Walgreen’s that cooks any grain from quinoa, brown rice, regular rice to perfection – I just put the right water/rice ratio and set it and forget it.

  6. I would normally not say this because you know how I feel about kitchen appliances that do only one thing, but maybe you need a rice cooker. Pretty much every Asian family I know uses a rice cooker exclusively for making rice (which should probably not make you feel bad for not being able to make a good batch of rice!). I hear they’re worth giving up valuable kitchen real estate for.

  7. Indian Butter Chicken is one of my absolute favorites…yum! You and Mr P are so cute…definitely hard to get mad when he puts it like that, lol!

    I tagged you in my latest post, Nicole! ;)

  8. Mr. P is very brave to make such a comment. Even if it’s truthful… ;) Years ago, I used to have the perfect pot to cook rice in. It always turned out prefect. Not sure what it was. But once the pot got too old, and I had to throw it away, my rice luck ran out. I have a rice cooker, which works fine, but I don’t like using it. It’s just too big, and cleaning it is sort of a pain.

    Your butter chicken looks and sounds fabulous! Who cares about the rice anyway… :)

    Have a great, great dinner with Gina and Nick!!!

  9. His response cracked me up! I can’t master anything wok-related. I still try though!

  10. I feel your pain, I always end up with a crusty layer of rice on the bottom of the pan. Sometimes it’s the simplest foods that are easiest to screw up, somehow…

    Happy haircut! I’m getting mine cut today too!

  11. Ahhhh yeah Nicole! I”m so happy to hear that dish was loved by you and Mr. P!! Two thumbs on this, it looks absolutely fantastic. NOM!

    I practice a rule when making rice, 1 cup rice = 2 cups water. That’s been my basic method for it, good luck – rice cookers are very helpful, too!!

  12. Butter chicken is one of the best foods ever. I love it. I’m definitely bookmarking this recipe.

    Also, I suck at making rice too. I just dont have the patience for it.

  13. Haha! I suck at making rice too! I mean, it should be simple, but it’s just not. I need to invest in a rice cooker, only I usually end up with bags of overpriced-frozen rice from Trader Joe’s so would probably never use a rice cooker. This butter chicken does look awesome though! I love Indian food!!

  14. Your photos look great of the food! YUM!!!

    I can’t master baking anything. Nothing ever turns out for some reason. This past weekend I followed a caramel recipe to the T, and they still didn’t turn out!

  15. This dish looks just amazing! I love Indian food so I am know I will be making this.
    There are a few things I can’t master. haha. But it might have to be pizza. I’m definitely getting better..but it could be so much better!!
    Have a great time with Gina!

  16. I can’t make rice in a rice cooker! But I can make it perfect on the stove. I saute my rice in coconut oil until it’s translucent. At the same time, I heat my liquids to almost boiling in a separate pan. Once the rice is translucent, I add green onions and the liquids to the rice, leave on medium heat with a lid. 1 cup brown rice cooks in about 20-25 minutes!


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