Smoked Salmon Kale Carbonara


Is there anything better than a spouse admitting that they were wrong?

If you like Prevention RD on Facebook, you might have seen the status I put up about Mr. Prevention thinking this cabonara with kale and salmon would be “gross” (his words, not mine), so he made a triple-decked tortilla pizza instead. Or should I say in addition to…because he certainly enjoyed this pasta that night.

…and as leftovers every night since.

He even subbed out half of his frozen pizza last night for a serving of these leftovers. When he has full rein over the kitchen (or take-out menus) on evenings I teach, I never know what I’ll come home to. Last night, however, I walked in the door as he was pulling the leftovers from the microwave and was scurrying to the table.

“Trading out the pizza for the carbonara, I see.”

“There’s one more serving…you can have it,” he said.

Darn right, honey. I made that dinner.


I also learned about a new ingredient in making this. I had to check with Cara about where to get smoked salmon as it was something I had never purchased before. As it ends up, smoked salmon is available near the seafood counter in pre-packaged, refrigerated pieces. Because it’s pre-cooked it’s very simple to use and as Mr. Prevention was able to admit, a little bit of this salmon goes a long way.

While I did increase the amount of salmon by 2 ounces from the original recipe, this was because the salmon came in 4-ounce pieces and I figured 8 ounces was better than 4. Omega 3′s…gotta have’em. As Mr. P pointed out, the flavor of the salmon really does meld into every bite of the pasta…it’s actually rather amazing. Smoked salmon gets a thumbs up from us (even if it does look a little scary…).

I also enjoyed this dish because it included lots of kale (that is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin K and iron) in a way that I actually enjoyed. Kale is one of the very few vegetables I’m still on the fence about, but in this dish…divine!


Back to the new unit today. Day #1 was great…mostly paperwork and getting acquainted with the electronic medical records (EMR). Today, I get to meet the patients :-D

Be well,


  1. YUUUUM!!!! Ok, so a few things, first, way to go Mark for using leftovers for lunch!! I love to hear that. It would be a shame to let something like this go to waste.
    Second, I have seen smoked salmon, but have never purchased it. We have it in our seafood department, right where you said it was, and I’ve always thought it would be great on toast with avocado (I’m going to try that one of these days) but this recipe sounds marvelous!

  2. Mr. Prevention would have been crazy not to like this! The flavor combination sounds a little different, but the presentation is delectable! Thanks for posting, Nicole! :-D

  3. Guess who is learning how to cook salmon tomorrow??? THIS GIRL! :)

  4. Bookmarking this one too. Love this, and any dish that utilizes kale.

  5. I have to admit, I’m with Mr. P’s original statement on this one. I’m also not a fan of kale. :) But your photos make anything look appetizing and I love any kind of carbonara.

  6. yay! so glad you both liked it :)

  7. I am on the fence about kale as well! I am really curious to try out this dish. I am thinking I would love it..especially since Mr. Prevention did! ;) That’s too cute!

  8. Smoked salmon is a pretty big staple at my parent’s house. I’ve never liked salmon, so I haven’t had it, but my parents eat it like candy. Apparently it’s delicious.

  9. Mmmmm..this looks really good. I LOVE smoked salmon. I love the saltiness of it. Which is probably why it would work well in this dish. ( bacon = salty, smoked salmon = salty) but my favorite way to enjoy smoked salmon is in scrambled eggs with cream cheese. OH my! lol

  10. This looks wonderful. I’ll give this a try next time I’ll get some salmon. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. hehe love that! I haven’t had smoked salmon in ages!! Love that stuff. I need to get my friend from Alaska to send me some. Looks great!


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