Mushroom & Feta Tart + Weekly Menu


Growing up, my brother was a picky eater. Anything green was out and he hated tomatoes.

BLT’s were bacon and mayonnaise sandwiches. Tacos were meat and cheese in a tortilla shell.

Thank goodness, much of that has changed and he can proudly boast that he now eats lettuce and tomato, and even mushrooms, too. But this many mushrooms, I wasn’t so sure about…


Brothers…you gotta love’em. My brother has been especially loveable lately. He’s had a recent epiphany that family is important (I am going to credit maturity for this) and he has really stepped it up. Until a few weeks ago mom, dad, and I weren’t “cool” enough to register on his radar. Now, I’m kind of like a blinking red dot that gets a little attention. I like it!

He’s made some strides in growing up, that 23-year-old brother of mine.

But, he’s still 23. He lives in a third-story walk-up apartment in Chicago with two other guys and they recently decided they needed to remodel. What need do they have for a dining room table? None, they decided. They wanted the dining room to be converted into a pool hall. With rope as a pullie and a few injuries, the pool table made it up 3 stories and into their apartment. This is one feat he’s ridiculously proud of…right up there with eating lettuce, tomatoes, and yes, even mushrooms.


Even still, I decided not to test his threshold of mushroom acceptance. Wasting or bad-talking baby bellas or cremini mushrooms is unacceptable under my watch. I’ll have none of it!

Instead, I served this to mom, dad, and Kristen. Mr. Prevention, too. Of course there’s nothing not to love about this and Kristen was spotted eating the leftovers cold and straight out of the fridge on several occasions…just like the Baked Lemon Pasta.

Your next brunch or wow’em breakfast, remember this tart. But for now, I need to back away from the puff pastry. That stuff is ridiculously good!


 Weekly Menu: July 22 – 26th

Donna is heading back to Ohio and I am working out and getting ready for another work week ahead.

Be well,


  1. Soooo your brother is mature????? Hehe kidding =)
    That tart looks Delish! I might give it a try

  2. yum yum!
    If anyone talked bad about mushrooms (or even tomatoes) in front of me, I’d make a mental note to ALWAYS give myself extra when I’m around them. HA, those are my two favorites! And this tart looks amazing.

  3. I can’t WAIT To make this. I’m obsessed with mushrooms right now. Unfortunately we can’t really use the oven in our house during the summer because it gets so hot but we will make this the moment it gets under 80 degrees here ;)

  4. I am just starting to like mushrooms – but my hubs would be all over this! Wow, a pool table up three stories?! I’d be proud of that feat too!

  5. This looks beautiful and sound totally delicious, right up my street :)

  6. My brother used to be a picky eater also. For a while he only ate yogurt. But he’s a big mushroom fan.

  7. This tart looks really, really good! I was never much of a picky eater myself – mushrooms were actually one of my favorite foods as a kid! :-)


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