Crock Pot Potato-Corn Chowder


I talk to my mom a lot, mostly when I’m in the car…because I 1) am in the car a lot and 2) get bored to tears with just the radio.

I recently told my mom, who has spend the past many months (years?) growing out her hair…that I think she should cut it. Not all women can pull of short, sassy hairstyles, but my mom is one of those people. I hope she didn’t mind me sharing my unsolicited opinion ;) But isn’t’ that what daughters are for? :)

She still, however, believes she can pull off choker necklaces. And she can’t. Because no one can. #the90′scalled


My mom heeded my advice on the hair and booked an appointment for a cut. That appointment was on Saturday.

The last I heard from her was that she would get in touch over the weekend. By Sunday afternoon, I was dying to know how the hair appointment went, so I called. In typical fashion, she didn’t answer…or call back. But I did get a text (should I tell her now that it’s a pet peeve of mine when I CALL someone and I get a TEXT in response?).

The text included a photo of her and something about her being so sassy. (It looks great, by the way!)


I called my mom, AGAIN, on my way to work yesterday morning…no answer. Even though I thought I had timed my call correctly with the 1 hour time change and her morning workout. By the time I got to work, I emailed something along the lines of “HELLO??? DID YOU FORGET I EXIST??”

I got some gushy email in response which I totally loved. She included some comment about my weekend date night at the brewery and casino with Mr. Prevention, referencing my blog for her Nicole Update. APPARENTLY, my blog is replacing communication with the ones I love!

So, Ma. This recipe is for you. I think you’d dig it.

P.S. Pick up your phone when I call you tonight around 6:15EST, mmmkay? Okaythankyoubye!


 Busy day ahead without about a bazillion meetings. Baaaah!!

Be well,



  1. Ma Prevention says:

    Oh, that Ma Prevention sounds like a handful! This chowder does look yummy babe and we’ll give it a whirl.

    Sign me, your biggest fan

    P.S. Ma’s too old to care about trends, styles, etc. At this point in life, I set the style …..even if I’m the only one following it……………………….

  2. I am totally that person that texts back after someone calls. But to my credit, I get really horrible phone reception in my house.

  3. How delicious! I have potatoes begging to turn into this. :D

  4. This looks SO good! Does 1 cup = 1 serving?

  5. haha you mom is cute :) i almost always talk to my parents when i m driving too.

  6. I had to laugh Nicole because since I started the blog – my Mom and parents in law hardly call anymore, they just read the blog!

  7. Leigh ANn says:

    Can you cook it 3-4 hrs on high also?

  8. What about switching some (or all) of the white potatoes for sweet potatoes??? :)


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