Salmon Cakes


You know how some weeks feel like they’re never going to end?

I thought last week was bad but, pffft. Last week has NOTHING on this week.

It all started when my schedule was quadrupole-booked on Tuesday morning and from there, it has been a slippery slope because unfortunately, I tend to not cope with stress or frustration well…and I take it out on the wrong person.


 Sometimes, it is weeks like these that test our character, make us appreciate the slow pace of life when it comes upon us, and be thankful for what we do have. I know these things and after stepping away from the insanity of it all, I can see that. So without dwelling on the bad, I’ll focus on the good of this week.

My healthy heart cooking class making lentil tacos? Huge success. Standing room only! Everyone loved the tacos and I think they are worthy of an appearance in the hospital cafeteria very soon!

I managed 3 workouts — hockey on Monday night and last night, and an elliptical workout on Tuesday.

And…that might be it.


 Wait, no.

One more very, very important good thing happened this week.

I managed to make time for meals that were not only healthy, but QUICK. Even getting home late this week, dinner was done. It was such a good feeling. I sleep like a rock knowing the night before that my dinner for the following night is ready to go and all I have to do is plop it in the crock pot and set it to “low”.

Of course, speedy meals such as this are also a saving grace, especially when they’re full of omega 3′s.




Happy Birthday, Mary!!!!

So excited for the weekend.

Be well,



  1. I always feel so accomplished when I have a busy week and I some how planned the perfect menu with meals that can be repurposed another night, or everything comes together quickly and tastes delicious. TGIF, right?!

    My grandma always use to make salmon patties on Fridays during Lent, and even though I was THE pickiest eater, I loved them! Not sure if I would still enjoy them (I’m still picky when it comes to fish) but your post definitely sparked a happy memory this Friday morning. Have a great weekend!!!

  2. The moon must be full or something– it’s been a terrible week around here, too!

    We have some canned salmon in the pantry but I can’t bring myself to use it because it has so many bones in it! Do you look through it for bones or is there a brand that doesn’t have a lot of bones in it?

  3. This week has been a rough, drawn-out one for me too. It’s always good to test your character once in awhile though, and have little reminders, like successful dinners, to make you realize life is okay!

  4. I hope you have some down time this weekend Nicole – you deserve it! Happy Friday!

  5. i hope you will have a great weekend :) i think hectic week is happening everywhere this week!!! btw pinning this salmon cake, but i will be using frozen salmon filet

  6. Oh yum these look and sound so delicious. I really can’t wait to try this recipe!

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