Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches


I’d venture to guess that at least twice in any given month, I leave the house in such a hurry I convince myself rather quickly that I forgot to do something. Did I turn off the coffee pot? What about my hair straightener? Did I forget my work laptop? Did I close the garage? Being… Read more →

Mushroom & Bacon Barley Casserole


Years ago, as I was complaining about Mr. Prevention not helping with dishes, we decided to divvy up household chores…permanently. Somewhat as a joke, and somewhat seriously. Some of my chores included laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, dishes, and morning “dog duty”. Mr. Prevention’s chores included lawn mowing, taking out the trash, cleaning the first floor… Read more →

Meatless Monday: Crunchy Veggie Wraps


When I meet with patients, I generally try to capture a 24-hour recall early on in the conversation. In the world of nutrition, this translates to, “Tell me what you ate and drank yesterday.” If people are truthful, this method of collecting nutrition information can be hugely insightful. Sometimes, I’ll get the, “…Oh, yesterday. Yesterday… Read more →

Smoked Salmon and Wheat Berry Salad + Weekly Menu


My brother has become quite the little eater. Recall, this is the boy who used to reject tacos if they had lettuce on them. He couldn’t just pick the lettuce off and continue on. No, the tacos were tainted and he needed fresh, unadulterated tacos. I’m sooooo not kidding. Since I went away to college… Read more →

Chicken Souvlaki


Sunday was the Steelhead Iron Man here in St. Joseph, Michigan. Mr. Prevention was asked about 3-4 weeks ago if he wanted to do the half marathon portion of the relay. An ex-collegiate swimmer swam the 1.2 mile swim in Lake Michigan, our friend rode the 56 mile bike, and Mr. Prevention tagged off to… Read more →

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