My house is starting to feel like a home. Mr. Prevention worked all day yesterday and I managed to unpack 60-70% of the boxes on my own. Here’s some shots of the…mayhem. Before… During…  Let’s get on with the Q&A…just looking at those pictures is making me exhausted and stressed! Cheryl: While at the health… Read more →

National Registered Dietitian Day!


That’s right, today is National Registered Dietitian Day! Being an RD is so much of who I am on and off this blog. More than anything else, I get emails (almost daily!) of people with questions about what RD’s do, if the job market is good, what RD’s like and dislike about their jobs, and… Read more →

Healthy (Low-Carb) Lasagna


TGIF! Yesterday was…stressful. But the most unfortunate part of yesterday was having to settle for a Subway dinner rather than leftover lasagna. I was 45 minutes away from home at my unit, Lily had been home for 8 hours already, I had to teach, and Mr. Prevention had a meeting. It was clear there would… Read more →

Chocolate Glazed Baked Chocolate Donuts (& a donut pan GIVEAWAY!) + Weekly Menu


Oh, hi. Yes, I’ve been sleeping in…and attending to very important matters like feeding my donut obsessed self these nearly guilt-free Chocolate Glazed Baked Chocolate Donuts. At 93 calories a piece, there’s no denying they will be the best spent calories of the day. Week one on the job was great. I really, really love… Read more →

Chicken with Creamy Chive Sauce over Potato and Celery Root Mash


I got home from class last night around 8:30 and I was starved. I had had leftovers for lunch, so I wanted something else so I asked Mr. Prevention what he had for dinner. “B-dubs,” he responded. (Chicken wings for those of you unfamiliar with the popular US chain). Of course, I thought. You see,… Read more →

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