Spicy Kale-Stuffed Shells


I talked to a lot of people on the phone yesterday. Somehow, there was time between cleaning every square inch of every room as the movers were loading all the boxes. Who knew you could get a blister from vacuuming? Reason #42,518 I HATE CLEANING. People who like cleaning…I bet you like  going to the… Read more →

Penne in Roasted Beet Sauce


Mark’s (I mean…Mr. P’s!) family has a lot of great food traditions. His aunt married an Italian and thus, their holidays revolve around homemade raviolis in a rich chicken broth. They are heavenly. Mr. Prevention can down 3 bowls of ravioli before even moving on to the turkey and sides. I would say this is… Read more →

Money Matters: Grilled Corn Summer (Breakfast) Hash + Weekly Menu


I’m very familiar with the word hash when used as a verb. But as a noun, I wasn’t so sure. hash [hash]; noun 1. a dish of diced or chopped meat and often vegetables, as of leftover corned beef or veal and potatoes, sauteed in a frying pan or of meat, potatoes, and carrots cooked… Read more →

Easy Southwest Turkey Burgers w/ Avocado-Ranch Dressing + Weekly Menu


Confession: If I have a choice between a beef burger and a turkey burger, I’ve always chosen the beef. However, this is because I once had a turkey burger SO DRY and TASTELESS, it nearly scarred me for life. Yet, when I saw Estella’s turkey burgers with the green chilies, cumin, and chili powder…I talked… Read more →

Salt and Vinegar Potatoes with Rosemary


When I was in high school, salt and vinegar chips were the thing. Everyone ate them. I like idea of the salt and vinegar but it was simply flavor over-load. I love vinegar, but not to the point that my cheeks pucker and lead to an ache so bad it feels as if I had… Read more →

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