Spicy Thai Shrimp Bowls + Weekly Menu


Trying new restaurants and dishes is one of the few things Mr. Prevention and I have in common. It’s a good thing since we don’t have a ton in common… I’m emotional and often irrational, he is level-headed and even-keeled at all times. I’m an avid hockey lover/hockey player, completely enamored with the sport, and… Read more →

Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken + Weekly Menu


Mr. Prevention is a really great gift-giver. Not only is he thoughtful and generous, but he’s also really creative. I mean, this psychedelic bulldog canvas truly completes my home. Every home needs such a conversation piece occupying real estate on their walls. At least one wall. Really. He also got me tennis lessons for Christmas… Read more →

The Best BBQ Chicken Salad + Weekly Menu


Running a hospital kitchen and cafeteria comes with…frustrations. When I started my job, the interim director was searching the internet for nutrition information that perhaps closely, but not all that accurately, reflected what was being served on the menu to display in the cafeteria. I’m all for posting nutrition information, but it is a serious… Read more →

Honey Lime Shrimp + Weekly Menu


You know when you’re off work for awhile and you swear that once you’re back to work, you’ll fall right into your groove again? Maybe that was just me and my plan after a week off for the Christmas holiday where I gallivanted around every Chicago suburb near and far visiting with friends and family…. Read more →

White Chocolate Peppermint Fudge + Weekly Menu


My friend texted me the other day wondering about the need for a candy thermometer when making Eggnog Fudge. I know that certain recipes like  fudge and my personal favorite, English Toffee, pretty much require a candy thermometer. It took me an entire day and about 6 pounds of butter to finally produce an acceptable… Read more →

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